High Pressure Washing Services
LWC Services, Inc. provides exterior buliding cleaning services to numerous corporate clients, property managers, and retail/mall management companies throughout the Delaware Valley area. Recently, LWC expanded it high pressure washing capabilities with new equipment that provides many benefits to LWCs customers.
High volume, 6 gallons per minute @ 3,000 psi output
Removal of more dirt per billing hour.
Less billing time to complete the project.
Hot 200° water capable
Nothing cleans like hot water.
Self-contained, trailer-mounted unit.
Quick and efficient access.
Ease of use
One-man operation as opposed to two. (reduced billing time)
Reduce set up time. (there's that reduced cost again)
For over 40 years, LWC Services has solved the exterior building cleaning requirements of their satisfied customers in the areas of:
Main entrances building surface and walks (Do first impressions count?)
  • Sidewalks (Chewing gum can never find a trash can)
  • Patios and pavers (What are pavers?)
  • Pre-cast concrete building surfaces (Dirty side of the building everyone sees from the road)
  • Parking lots and garages (We won't even talk about how dirty they can be)
  • Cafeteria patios (Coke, Pepsi, and gum again)
  • Refuse areas (Oh, that smell behind restaurants)
  • Drive-up areas where oil and grease accumulate. (Ever hear of "slip and fall"?)
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