Hard Water Stains
and Window Cleaning
Recently, many clients are requesting LWC Services to assist with the problem of hard water and acid rain-stained windows. This growing problem has many causes, among them are rain runoff from precast and masonry building surfaces, sprinklers, building design and regional water sources. Previous attempts using corrosive acids have proven unsuccessful. LWC has developed a series of environmnental-friendly solutions that restore clear, tinted, and mirror-finished glass without damaging the glass or its surroundings.
Problem Description:
Windows are composed of compound materials such as silicates, lime and soda. Whenever foreign minerals such as hard water, lime, and petroleum materials are introduced to glass, mineral deposits result. If these mineral deposits remain on glass for a period of time, they begin to adhere to the glass.
Hard Water Sources:
Many companies are noticing stains on their buildings' windows that can not be removed with normal window cleaning. With precast buildings, rain or morning moisture causes the precast material to become wet. Acid rain, lime in the precast material, and airborne petroleum blend with the water and a residue is left on the glass. Water has an affinity to glass and the rain water and its contents stick to the glass. The sun intensifies the process causing the minerals to bake onto the glass.
Potential Damage and Replacement:
Because minerals bond together, the longer these stains remain untreated, the more severe the problem. Many property owners and managers have been added to the long list of statistics when it comes to burned, etched, or windows beyond repair. Since more buliding owners are installing specialized glass, replacement costs can be very expensive and must be special ordered causing delays and inconvenience.
LWC Services' Solutions:
Frequent window cleaning is the best preventative maintenance program. If your problem is more severe, LWC's glass restoration program uses only water soluble and biodegradable products that are very effective in reconditioning glass surfaces. These products, unlike acids, do not cause damage to the window's caulking, seals, or aluminum frames and are safe for employees and surrounding plant life.

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