Exterior Building Cleaning
* E I F S Exterior Insulation and Finishing System
LWC Services Inc. has provided professional building cleaning and related services througout the Delaware Valley for over thirty-five years. Our trained staff will assist you in the cleaning maintenance of your facility.
Exterior Masonry Cleaning Service
LWC's exterior washing process removes atmospheric dirt, soot, and pollutants that have accumulated on natural or synthetic stucco-type masonry surfaces. In addition, LWC's exclusive cleaning process dissolves and removes fungi, mold, algae, and other microbiological masses from the surface.
In addition to cleaning your facilities' weather exposed surfaces, protection is the key aspect of surface durability. To protect and prolong annual clening, LWC recommends the application of surface sealer and preservative to improve eweather tightness and dirt resistance. In addition, surface sealer reduces the reformation of mold, alge, bacteria, and fungi.
Dryvit Cleaning and Sealing Procedure
To maintain your facilites' clean, professional image, LWC's fully trained and uniformed staff will perform the following procedures:
  • Materials and chemicals used are recommended by Dryvit Systems, Inc
  • Thoroughly clean exterior surface using MAX Products General Purpose Cleaner and Fungi/Algae Remover
  • Throroughly rinse surface (Products are environmental engineered safe)
  • Apply MAX Products Surface Sealer
Dryvit / EIFS Repair Services

LWC Services Inc. is an authorized Dryvit applicator, trained and experienced in the repair of these surfaces.

All personnel are covered by Workmens' Compensation, General Liability and Property Damage Insurance.
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